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learn. grow. share. 

The Central Ohio Orchid Society (COOS) is a Nonprofit Organization, founded in 1959. As an affiliate of the American Orchid Society, the Mid-American Orchid Congress, and the Orchid Digest, COOS' primary mission is that of education: educating society members, other horticultural groups, and the general public in all aspects of orchid care, culture, biology, and preservation. 

The Central Ohio Orchid Society has a deep commitment to our goals as a society, which are three-fold:


LEARN:  Preserving and extending knowledge concerning the culture, enjoyment, and public display of orchids.

GROW:  Supporting our members' success in, and knowledge of, orchid raising, cultivation, and habitat concerns.  


SHARE:  Providing those interested in orchids the opportunity to network and collaborate with other enthusiasts. 

CODE OF CONDUCT: In order to uphold our mission, all members need to treat each other respectfully, and understand that along with a shared love of orchids, we are bringing a diversity of experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds to the society. We expect all members to act with propriety so the experience is a positive one for everyone. Any concerns can be raised confidentially to a Board member for the Board to address accordingly.


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