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 Plant of the Month Gallery

We take pride in all our members' blooming orchids! During our monthly meetings our judges award ribbons to all genera of plants, and then picks the best for plant of the month from all the blue-ribbon plants in each genus. POMs are posted on the COOS website, and the growers earn extra points in the annual Grower's Contest.

Member Show Tables Gallery February Plant of the Month Cym.Tranquil

At each monthly meeting, members can bring their blooming plants to display for ribbon judging. Winners earn points in the annual Grower's Contest, with the ultimate winners getting a discount coupon for use with vendors at our annual spring show.

Orchid Show Displays Gallery

Take a look at some of the great displays at the COOS Annual Spring Orchid Show, and at shows held by our regional sister societies. When you send your plant to appear at a show, it might come back with a ribbon or even an AOS award!

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