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Want to to join the Central Ohio Orchid Society, where you can enjoy the camaraderie, information sharing, programming, and passion of orchids at our meetings and shows?

You can submit your membership information and pay via PayPal using the Online Annual Membership Application below, or print out the Annual Membership Application form and mail it in along with your payment:


Annual membership in the Central Ohio Orchid Society is $20 for a single member and $25 for a household, and includes our digital newsletter, The Central Ohio Orchid Society Reporter, which is emailed monthly.

Monthly Members' Meeting:

What:  Each meeting will have a speaker, demonstration, or a hands-on practice activity. During                   society meetings our hospitality committee serves snacks (on hold during pandemic/virtual                 meetings). Members may bring their plants (in bloom) to our meetings for our judging                         competition.


When:  Every third Thursday of the month (except August & December) from 6:30 to 9:30pm 


Where: Beginning July 15, we will resume in-person meetings at Franklin Park Conservatory, while                    continuing our Zoom format for those who would prefer to attend virtually and for any                        members or guests who are not vaccinated.


            Please review July COOS Reporter for what remains the same for in-person meetings                          and what will be slightly different.

            Franklin Park Conservatory (1777 East Broad St. | Columbus OH, 43203)

Beginner's Corner:  Our novice group meets at 6:30pm before each members' meeting. 

Annual Events:  Please see Calendar for scheduled events.


By checking ACCEPT and submitting electronic payment, I provide the Central Ohio Orchid Society (COOS) with my permission to publish, reproduce, and distribute any and all photographs of my plants, displays, personal image, and related images taken or that I submit during COOS virtual or in-person activities.


Utilization of images are solely for publication in the COOS newsletter, website, social media platforms, publicity materials, and other COOS fundraising activities.

I acknowledge that this release applies to videotapings and sound recordings, and their subsequent reproductions through video or photograph for the above purposes.

I understand that, as a voluntary participant, I will not be paid for these photographs and/or video footage, and I may revoke my permission for use at any time in writing to the COOS President.

By checking DECLINE and signing this membership form, I decline permission, and understand that Central Ohio Orchid Society (COOS) will make every effort to comply. However, I will assume responsibility to ensure that my plant submissions are marked “not to be photographed.”

I will also take responsibility to ensure my personal image and related images are not recorded or taped, by actions such as: turning off my camera during virtual meetings, sitting out of camera focus in live meetings and holding questions until presentation recording has ceased.

Annual Membership Application



By checking ACCEPT and submitting electronic payment, I am:

  • Agreeing to uphold the society's Mission of LearningGrowingSharing

  • Acknowledging that all members need to treat each other respectfully

  • Confirming the understanding that, along with a shared love of orchids, we are bringing a diversity of experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds to the society

We expect all members to act with propriety so the experience is a positive one for everyone. Any concerns can be raised confidentially to a Board member for the Board to address accordingly.


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