January 16

Society Meeting

AOS Webinar: “Growing Under Lights”

February 20

Society Meeting

Ken Mettler: “The Art + Design of Orchid Show Displays” 


March 19 

Society Meeting  

Ken Mettler: “Deflasking Orchids” . . . Rescheduled / COVID 19


April 3-5

COOS Annual Orchid Show and Plant Sale

Canceled / COVID 19


April 16

Society Meeting 

AOS Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Habenarias


May 21

Society Meeting

Eric Sauer: PHRAGMIPEDIUMS - Virtual Meeting



Annual Society Picnic and Pot Luck

Canceled / COVID 19


June 18

Society Meeting 

Ken Mettler – “Deflasking Orchids” - Virtual Meeting


July 16

Society Meeting 

Martin Motes of Motes Orchids - "DARWIN AND ORCHIDS" - Virtual Meeting


August - TBD

Society Meeting

Virtual Meeting 


September 17

Society Meeting

“How I Grow My Orchids” – Members of Central Ohio Orchid Society


October 15

Society Meeting 

Kristin Uthus of New World Orchids - "Cattleyas: The Miniature Collection"


November 19

Annual Awards Banquet and Pot Luck



No Society Meeting


January 14

March 10

May 12

July 14

September 8

November 10

Central Ohio Orchid Society 2020