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I just had a Paph drop it’s almost opened bud on the ground. It’s under lights and I kept it in the same location consistently. Ideas on what went wrong??

Repotting Paphiopedilums

Even though Paphs need a lot of water, their roots also need oxygen to thrive and grow. This means that Paphs should be planted in a mix that retains water but which also drains well. When the medium breaks down over time, it can hold too much water and smother the roots. Therefore, Paphs benefit from annual repotting.


I like to use small fir bark or Orchiata, mixed with a small part perlite and charcoal (about an 8-1-1 ratio). The mix should always be a little moist, never bone dry. I typically water twice a week, but if you aren’t able to water as frequently, adding one part Sphagnum moss in the mix can help retain moisture between waterings. I sometimes also top-dress with Sphagnum.

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